To help brands make strategically
creative decisions


To measure sales performance and
evaluate the alignment between
the marketing and sales


To provide accurate and
cost effective communications



365 Consultancy provides full market research services including research design, questionnaire design, recruitment of the participants, ethnographies, B2B and B2C in-depth interviews, dyads, triads, moderation of focus groups, digital marketing research, UX research, desk research, sectoral research, international research, idea generation and strategy building, marketing audits, and detailed reporting.


Advertising (Pre-test, Post-test)

Social&Political Research





Marketing Audits

Marketing Audits (measuring sales performance according to predefined KPIs)

Qualitative Research

Research Design

Questionnaire Design

Recruitment of the participants


Ethnography (home visits, in-store CX, shop along sessions, visual data gathering)

B2B & B2C in-depth interviews



Moderation of focus groups

Digital Marketing Research (via online platform)

UX Research (physical and via online platform)

Sectoral Research

Desk Research

International Research

Idea generation and Strategy building


Translation & Interpretation

French to Turkish

Turkish to French

English to Turkish

Turkish to English


A lover of ethnography, visual anthropology, and digital research, my professional career has benefited extensively from my passion to read, travel and freelance workstyle.

Having studied and worked in three countries including France, US, and Turkey, I earned valuable skills by interacting with different kind of companies and people whilst experiencing various management styles, ways of thinking and doing market research. Sociologist by education, I discovered the depths of social thinking, philosophy and anthropological research methodologies in France with great passion and a little bit of wine by trying to find new ways of adapting research to everyday life and business. Creative by curiosity, I remained a dynamic academic during my studies and an excited professional since the beginning of my career in 2010. I took my first step in Market Research in Paris where I worked within an Agency specialized in International Studies. This first experience gave me the courage to work internationally on research projects requiring not only research capabilities but also cultural depth and guidance. My cooperation with many countries including the US, U.K, France, Germany, Finland, U.A.E, Switzerland, Turkey, etc. has been successful enough to make me earn a broader perspective in life and work.

365 Research reflects this perspective whilst I still observe the world 365 days with many great ideas adding days to our lives.

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